Yarns and Stories


Blame it all on Boxcar Willie (aka Lecil Travis Martin). What could be better than the life of a hobo?

There are railroad tracks right behind my childhood home. Every time I heard a train coming I would hop my back fence, climb up a small hill and get ready to count the number of cars. The freight trains were the best because they were slower and longer.

Stories about hobos and the carefree their carefree lifestyle turning into long walks along the track looking for any treasure a kid could find along the tracks. There wasn’t much but that didn’t stop my imagination. My friends and I would spend hours walking the tracks and watching for trains. As we got older and able to go further down the tracks we made an awesome discovery. Trains slow down… they slow down enough that you could jump up and get a ride until they sped up again. You definitely could get greedy and stay on too long which could leave to a long walk back home, I know this as a fact.

WordStar here’s an example. This is fictional but it should get the message across. You are asked in an interview if you have experience using WordStar. You reply, I have used ATMS, PROFS, Word for DOS, MSWord, and several text editors from Adobe to WordPress. The response you get is, “Oh, so you have no experience with WordStar”.

It’s software and only software…