Problem Solved

This isn’t an I.T. problem but it speaks to how everything in our life impacts how we work.

A customer brought in a $3 garage sale children’s bicycle needing a chain guard and wheel truing. The original quote of $45 for the repair only included the wheel truing and a new chain guard(which would not have worked). I had to call the customer and let them know that with the labor cost the total would be $76 for the $3 bicycle .

I offered two solutions. First was a used bicycle for $60 or a used chain guard modified to fit the bicycle. They went with the second option. I was able to make the used chain guard fit and it was metal instead of the plastic one that had been broken. All together and out the door for $35.

By DuaneGallaher

Musician, bicycle mechanic, eBike enthusiast, former mainframe developer becoming web developer, all around curious person with passion for solving problems.

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