Lead Mechanic

My career as a bicycle mechanic started in July 2016. My experience was working on my bikes and my friends’ bikes since I was a kid. I learned from my father and by making mistakes.

I learned how to use tools and that using the right to was important. The right tool in the wrong hands is a wrong tool. An adjustable wrench is the last wrench I will usually grab. I learned that finesse is better than force and to be patient. These lessons were used on bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, lawnmowers, guitars etc.

I was assigned to be the lead mechanic because I have mechanical experience and skills with using tools not because I have worked on the most bicycles

I did get certified by the United Bicycle Institute in Portland which was a benefit to learning how to work on bicycles I haven’t owned before. However, it didn’t prepare me for working on bicycles in the ocean environment. Working on rusty bikes is a story for another time.

By DuaneGallaher

Musician, bicycle mechanic, eBike enthusiast, former mainframe developer becoming web developer, all around curious person with passion for solving problems.

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