I was what I wasn’t that I am now


I have been working on my own bicycles since I can remember. I’m not sure how long ago that was but it started in the 70s. I worked on my own bicycles, motorcycles cars trucks etc… but I never called myself a bicycle mechanic.

In 2016 I applied to be a mechanic at the local bicycle shop and I have been a bicycle mechanic since then. I was certified at the United Bicycle Institute after working there.

My point in this post is, I was a bicycle mechanic but didn’t consider myself to be one because I never was paid as one. I was luck enough to find someone to take a chance on me and it has paid off for both of us.

By DuaneGallaher

Musician, bicycle mechanic, eBike enthusiast, former mainframe developer becoming web developer, all around curious person with passion for solving problems.

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