Side 1

SONG 1: “Just Enjoy Yourself”. An old coworker of mine thought it would be fun to learn how to play the ukulele. I lent him one and gave him a quick getting started session. He returned the instrument about a week later telling my that he saw someone playing one that was just amazing. He said, “I will never be that good so why bother?”.

It’s not about being the best or impressing anyone, it’s about making music and enjoying yourself. He missed out and I feel bad for him when I think about his giving up so soon. However, I think we all can be that way at times about different sports, hobbies, or interests. That’s what this song is about, just doing something because you have a passion for it and enjoy doing it. The recording is coming soon.

For this recording I dug out and tuned up my ukulele(Oscar Schmidt OU8TLCE). I used to play it a lot six years ago but stopped after moving away from Hawaii. Okay, before I blab on too much, here is the song.

Just Enjoy Yourself

This simple little tune is a C, CM7, F progression repeated on a looper pedal (BOSS RC-1) with an improvised melody using only the C major scale. Major progressions can sound so happy especially when played on ukulele.

SONG 2: “Like Nobody Is Listening”. My Cordoba C7-CE CD classical guitar is a delight for me to listen to. The majority of the time it is played unplugged without any processing. Today I put a capo on the third fret and started exploring the sounds. The recording could have been as long or longer than “Freebird” so I had to cut off before the file size limitation was exceeded. It’s just a solo guitar with no other instrumentation. Maybe some day I will jam along with it but for now I like it just the way it is.

“Like Nobody Is Listening”

SONG 3: Working on acoustic song #3. Beware… it will have me singing on it. It too is in the key of G major (act surprised). Here it is, “Too Much Junk Email”. It’s like two songs in one 🙂

This is a draft version…. I will redo, remaster and repost after more practice.

“Too Much Junk Email”

SONG 4: “No Hit Wonder” we ain’t talking about baseball! Move over 1 Hit Wonders the No Hit Wonder is moving in.