I have been luckily enough to having not being part of a failed project. The only project that did not succeed was one that was completed but not implemented.

What is my biggest weakness? Not know when to say “No”. I have been known to say, “Can we do it? Yes, but should we do it?”.

Programmers love success and finding solutions. The easiest trap we fall into is “Can you do this?”. Absolutely, we can do anything but just because we can doesn’t mean we should do something.

COBOL or C#… what’s the difference? Syntax… if you can develop applications in one language, you can learn to develop applications in another language. To make this clear, if you can learn to drive a route in a Subaru, you can learn to drive that route in a Ford. Driving is driving, coding is coding. Sure, the environment is different but it’s just a matter of getting familiar with the controls/environment.

Swift is a relatively new language but you still have to know the syntax to take advantage of all it has to offer. Using Xcode with code completion/suggestion makes it a great easy to use tool but don’t forget that the original programmers had to be their own code completion/suggestion tool. That’s why there were technical manuals. The more you coded the more you remembered what was in the manual.