My initial musical training began on a Stella steel string guitar. I was self taught using a beginner’s book that had basic child/folk songs and the “Big Note Guitar Book” by Roy Clark. Then came my first electric guitar from the pawn shop. It was a SG copy with a crappy tremolo bar that keep it from staying in tune. This problem was solved by removing the arm, springs and flopping in into one place. It was the first of many guitars to come pass through my hands.

I picked up more musical training by joining the marching band. Tuba was first then I switched to trombone. I played guitar in stage/jazz band.

My first professional (actually getting paid with money instead of refreshments) started in 1983 playing in various bands. This was on and off because I took an I.T. job working swing shift for several years. Professional playing picked up again in 1999 – 2006 as the bass player-roadie-sound guy-web master for “Ragged Edge”. We mostly played weekends because we all had day jobs and families.

Other instruments played over the years include drums, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, and some piano. I recently added baritone guitar to the list (tuned B – B) and harmonica.

Fort Campbell 1981
First Mix Cloud Upload
Wagging Tails
A Little More Grungy Sample

Here’s a little combination of programming (PHP) and music.

[xyz-ics snippet=”Scales”]


So, I am currently building an online album one song at a time. #Freemusic