My career in as a mechanic started in 1972 when I was a “gofer” for my dad as he repaired lawnmowers, cars, trucks, just about everything. He was an aviation mechanic in the U.S. Army working on fixed winged then helicopters (Huey, Blackhawk, and Cobra). He taught me tools and how to use finesse not force and got me to stop cross threading the bolts on my bicycle.

I grew up thinking it was normal for everyone to repair there own vehicles, plumbing, electrical and other things around the house that need maintenance or repair.

Over the years I have helped friends and co-workers with vehicle repairs from new alternators to new clutches.

Currently I am the lead bicycle mechanic for Buck’s Bikes. I have certification from the United Bicycle Institute. I fix up and donate old bikes for folks around town as time allows too.

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