Computer Programmer

If #this then

// Is now
if #this {
} else {

Computer Programmer… boy, if that doesn’t date me I don’t know what does more. Well, maybe mentioning playing “Smoke On The Water” on the juke box while playing pinball dates me more.

My first encounter with a computer, me: ” <what do you know about microbiology?> ” the computer: “SYNTAX ERROR”.

“Oh, you mean I have to tell the computer about microbiology before it can tell me anything about it? I thought computers knew everything.” This happened during my first BASIC class. This was about the time MSDOS was hitting the streets 🙂

Most of my experience with computers began using TSO on the IBM mainframe. From COBOL to Swift (my current study) I have seen a lot come and go. My expertise is with ADABAS/Natural (you can Google it!).

The list of Data Processing titles I have held (the best I can remember):

  • Computer Input Scheduler
  • Data Communications Tech
  • Computer Information Consultant
  • Computer Applications Programmer
  • Applications Analyst/Programmer
  • Senior Systems Developer
  • Information Technology Applications Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist

So… I was a computer programmer. Actually, I still am a programmer. I don’t know if I will ever stop being one. It used to take a ton of money to code for fun but today there is SO MUCH FREE STUFF! Visual Studio for Mac, Free. Xcode, Free, etc… I am currently getting back into PHP and playing with Swift for now with plans to dabble more with Python again. So many languages so little time.