Well, triads are still pretty cool but I didn’t come up with anything more to add. The plan-post-record-update isn’t working out.

“Breakfast Jam”


Not to be mistaken with “Try Ads”. Today I will move beyond the four basic triads (major, minor, diminished and augmented). I don’t use diminished and augmented much but minor 7th and dominate 7th get used a lot. It’s all a matter of picking the best notes.

This doesn’t have much to do with triads… but I just felt like making a little music.

Surprise! Another drone 🙂 Going in and out of bounds

Emotions And Moods

Today I will pick a mode to play over a I, IV, V progression to see if it reflects my mood or influences it. Music 🎵 has that way about it. I think the mode will influence me.

Okay, I got plugged in and ready to record. Starting out with just the A Dorian didn’t really make a noticeable difference to me. I recorded again starting off with G Ionian before switching to A Dorian. I could hear and feel a difference.

G major to A Dorian Shift