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Rush has 2112… this is the 2122 as in 2021-2022 album. This gives me just over a year to put ten songs together in my spare time. So, what is a side you ask? Funny, so many have never played an album where it has two sides, usually about 10 songs for most bands. Side […]

Chicken Or The Egg

So, I feel like doing something different and backwards from normal. The usual way is to pick up my guitar and see where noodling around leads me. This time I will start with a destination in mind and create a recording after the post. Today I will look at a IV iv progression in the […]

Songs for this week

Ok, I have decided to go with a weekly post rather than daily. Just for organization… 11/19/21 – Discovery… Moods… the beginning is a warm up in two strings in A minor(ish). It reminds me of the song Discovery by Rush on the 2112 album minus the tuning at the beginning. The end is a […]

SODcast (Song Of the Day)

11/13/21 “Freebird” meets “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and I finally remembered to fade the ending 🙂 11/12/21 Bonus track (Just getting a feel for how thinks might work here… OK, maybe this is the thing for now. Posting the song of the day on days time allows to put one together. There won’t be […]


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