Rush has 2112… this is the 2122 as in 2021-2022 album. This gives me just over a year to put ten songs together in my spare time.

So, what is a side you ask?

Funny, so many have never played an album where it has two sides, usually about 10 songs for most bands. Side 1 of 2122 was to be a solo classical guitar songs but I broke that with song 2. . Side 2 is electric with various canned instruments. My original idea to call this “My Chapters” based on the idea that everyone is a book. And just like a book, you can’t read one chapter and know they whole story… unless the book is only one chapter. I am a musician so I went with “album”. This was titled “My Album”, then “The Album”, finally 2122.

Side 1

Side 2

Chicken Or The Egg

So, I feel like doing something different and backwards from normal. The usual way is to pick up my guitar and see where noodling around leads me. This time I will start with a destination in mind and create a recording after the post.

Today I will look at a IV iv progression in the key of G (C – Em). The interesting thing is… this would be a I iii progression in the key of C. It’s also a V – vii progression in the key of F etc… I will play the tonic (I) only at the beginning to set it for our ears. Later I can try the same chords in different keys. Here goes, I’ll be back.

That didn’t take too long. I progression reminded me a little of “Major Tom”. The melody/improve was created using 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 notes from the scale (G A B D E G) a.k.a the G pentatonic scale. Tomorrow I will add the 4 (C) and 6 (F#) into the mix.

Four Six Progression in G Major – just chords
Melody using the G major pentatonic scale

Guitarist Log: Day two with the IV vi progression… adding fa (C) and ti (F#) to the mix really added to the mood. After listening to the last two recordings I can tell I am in a mellow mood. Time for more java!

G major scale over the IV vi chords.

Songs for this week

Ok, I have decided to go with a weekly post rather than daily. Just for organization…

11/19/21 – Discovery… Moods… the beginning is a warm up in two strings in A minor(ish). It reminds me of the song Discovery by Rush on the 2112 album minus the tuning at the beginning. The end is a song I have been trying to memorize and this is the first time I recorded it just off the cuff. The very end is just messing around. That’s all I have time for today and this week.

A minor meanderings 🙂

11/18/21 – Better late than never 🙂

Dreams by Mary Grace
Guitars without backing

11/17/21 – This is what I imagine when I see a news channel playing with the sound off.

Division – Key of Chaos

11/16/21 – Three days in a row… I didn’t think there would be time in the morning before work to find something to record. This one was simple, a ii-I-V-iv progression in the key of D. Nice mellow progression to scratch out a melody with.


11/15/21 – Stormy Monday morning. Some times less is more.

Without extra scratch guitar solos
Over during it (as is usual!)

11/14/21 – A little tune inspired by “Snow-blind Friend” written my Hoyt Axton recorded by Steppenwolf.

Key of G