This is a playground for musicians to share their ideas and progress on their journey to make music. This isn’t how to play your instrument though there will be discussions on theory, scales, chord progressions, etc… These are things to help you make music on your instrument.

You can post complete songs if that’s what you want to share or you can post a melody you have been working on. Maybe you can post a chord progression to get others to collaborate with you.

This isn’t about practicing to be a music critic.

About the ads… well, they are present to help keep this site free. The idea is to generate funding to expand the space requirements as the site grows. It’s not an issue at this time but I hope it does become an issue some day because that means we will be sharing a lot music. And that means we will be making a lot of music!

I am currently the author and editor so feel free to let me know when you find an error 🙂 Contact Duane