Welcome, this is my sandbox website. The subject matter is music but the purpose is web development and keeping up to date on current technology.

What have I been doing lately?

  • Bicycle mechanic since July 2016
  • Various other jobs held over the years in addition to the Information Technology gigs… grocery handler, security guard(former dynamite plant), demolition laborer, bartender, prep cook, line cook, telemarketer, security guard (hospital), security guard (sawmill)
  • Musician 1976-current including being the roadie, sound guy, bass player and webmaster for cover band 2001-2006
  • Volunteer food delivery driver for Ocean Shores Cares/Senior Center

Duane Gallaher

  • Musician
  • Bicycle Mechanic
  • Computer Programmer
  • Guy with a lot of hobbies and interests

Instruments played: guitar, bass, tuba, trombone, drums, vocals (a few songs), ukulele, mandolin, banjo, piano. I am currently focusing on guitar and vocals.

Bicycle mechanic: currently working part-time at a local bike shop. I sell and install eBike kits and repair bikes for folks unable to afford repairs. Restore old bikes using electrolysis and plan to add nickel plating to the offerings.

Computer programming: currently this website and catching up on technological changes since June 2013.

Hobbies: cruising around on our e-beach cruisers, auto repair, guitar repair and kit building, cooking, kayaking, general home repair.

before restoration
Before Restoration
after restoration
After Restoration

Things I am not so good at..

  • Towing and backing up a trailer. Just don’t do it very much at all
  • Wrapping Christmas presents… can’t get the paper size right or the folds square
  • Using scissors to cut a straight line, a curved line, anything other than just to open something
  • These are a few of my most unfavorite things 😉