Rush has 2112… this is the 2122 as in 2021-2022 album. This gives me just over a year to put ten songs together in my spare time.

So, what is a side you ask?

Funny, so many have never played an album where it has two sides, usually about 10 songs for most bands. Side 1 of 2122 was to be a solo classical guitar songs but I broke that with song 2. . Side 2 is electric with various canned instruments. My original idea to call this “My Chapters” based on the idea that everyone is a book. And just like a book, you can’t read one chapter and know they whole story… unless the book is only one chapter. I am a musician so I went with “album”. This was titled “My Album”, then “The Album”, finally 2122.

Side 1

Side 2

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