Chicken Or The Egg

So, I feel like doing something different and backwards from normal. The usual way is to pick up my guitar and see where noodling around leads me. This time I will start with a destination in mind and create a recording after the post.

Today I will look at a IV iv progression in the key of G (C – Em). The interesting thing is… this would be a I iii progression in the key of C. It’s also a V – vii progression in the key of F etc… I will play the tonic (I) only at the beginning to set it for our ears. Later I can try the same chords in different keys. Here goes, I’ll be back.

That didn’t take too long. I progression reminded me a little of “Major Tom”. The melody/improve was created using 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 6 notes from the scale (G A B D E G) a.k.a the G pentatonic scale. Tomorrow I will add the 4 (C) and 6 (F#) into the mix.

Four Six Progression in G Major – just chords
Melody using the G major pentatonic scale

Guitarist Log: Day two with the IV vi progression… adding fa (C) and ti (F#) to the mix really added to the mood. After listening to the last two recordings I can tell I am in a mellow mood. Time for more java!

G major scale over the IV vi chords.

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