Songs for this week

Ok, I have decided to go with a weekly post rather than daily. Just for organization…

11/19/21 – Discovery… Moods… the beginning is a warm up in two strings in A minor(ish). It reminds me of the song Discovery by Rush on the 2112 album minus the tuning at the beginning. The end is a song I have been trying to memorize and this is the first time I recorded it just off the cuff. The very end is just messing around. That’s all I have time for today and this week.

A minor meanderings 🙂

11/18/21 – Better late than never 🙂

Dreams by Mary Grace
Guitars without backing

11/17/21 – This is what I imagine when I see a news channel playing with the sound off.

Division – Key of Chaos

11/16/21 – Three days in a row… I didn’t think there would be time in the morning before work to find something to record. This one was simple, a ii-I-V-iv progression in the key of D. Nice mellow progression to scratch out a melody with.


11/15/21 – Stormy Monday morning. Some times less is more.

Without extra scratch guitar solos
Over during it (as is usual!)

11/14/21 – A little tune inspired by “Snow-blind Friend” written my Hoyt Axton recorded by Steppenwolf.

Key of G

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