One of my favorite jobs

DuPont Washington is where the DuPont dynamite plant was located but no longer used except for storage bunkers. There were three jobs that kept me busy in the early 80s.

Security guard: working for Pinkerton to secure access into the old munitions plant. There was 45 minutes of patrol and 15 minutes of gate watch each hour.

Loading/unloading dynamite trucks from the bunkers. These bunkers are no longer used.

Building demolition: this wasn’t the exciting demolition of buildings using explosives, this was disassembling of buildings to salvage materials. This was a great way to learn construction by reversing the building process. This was such an amazing job. The was was primarily performed independently. The boss would tell which building was next and what to salvage.

Bulldozers, cranes, chainsaws, what’s not to like?!

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